Firework displays 
our display designers are very flexible - we can create a firework display to suit any budget from £1195 upwards... 
Firework displays 
our display designers are very flexible - we can create a firework display to suit any budget from £1195 upwards... 
With every display we provide, we offer complimentary use of either our “Loony Toons” style TNT blaster pictured above (think “Road Runner and Wile. E. Coyote”) or our more subtle “Quiz Show Buzzer” show starter, to start your firework display in style! 
These units offer a unique photo opportunity on your special day, never failing to amuse your guests as they count you down to firing time, and (most importantly!) involve you or your special guests personally in the fireworks display! These units can also be used to fire any manner of individual effects, such as Confetti Cannons, Walkway Fountains, or our VERY LOUD Maroons, to ensure that everyone is wide awake and ready for the show! In fact, their uses are endless! 
Some people think that fireworks are just for outdoors on the night of the 5th of November, and they couldn't be more wrong! Here at Pyromania, we will find any excuse to perform a super display, indoors or out, day or night! 
We specialise in performing indoor and close proximity (i.e.: for fireworks next to walkways or stage pyrotechnics) firework displays using specialist gerbs, fountains, mines, flashes, flame projectors, coloured smoke, airbursts, confetti, streamers, glitter and flutterfetti. 
These types of displays are the perfect way to begin or end a special occasion such as a wedding reception, product launch, school prom or stage production in style, without having to even step outside! 
Our giant Confetti Cannons can instantaneously propel up to 4 kilos of confetti, glitter or streamers high into the air, creating yet another perfect photo opportunity for you and your guests. 
Also, we are specialists in constructing lancework (pictures and writing in fireworks) for all occasions, complete with your choice of surrounding fireworks. 
No matter how long the message, just ask! We have created all manner of pictures and words in lancework, from corporate logos, to “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”, wedding couples initials either side of a glowing red love heart, “HAPPY NEW YEAR”, the list really is endless! 
We can also arrange for lasers, mass confetti launches, huge flame shooting effects, walkway flambeaux, and a range of special effects, from falling snow to bomb simulations! Yet again, if you are unsure, please just ask! 
One of our increasingly popular effects is our range of entrance / exit fireworks, which can be arranged to line driveways and entrances to your chosen venue, and cued to herald the arrival or departure of the VIP’s in question! 
With a wide range of fireworks and effects to choose from, from shimmering fountains to star mines and sparkling comets, all available in a variety of colours, the possibilities are endless, though many tend to choose fountains as these offer burn times of up to one minute per unit, and almost silent operation. 
Whilst most of the fireworks we use in our displays require an absolute minimum safety distance of 25 metres and above, these particular fireworks can be fired as close as 2 metres away from subjects and spectators due to their specific and innovative design. 
Fireworks not allowed? How about this... 
For venues that don't allow the use of any types of fireworks, we also offer CO2 propelled confetti cannons and 'dry ice' effects to give your dance floor that classic fairytale look - followed by a big finale blast of confetti and streamers to end your first dance with - letting everybody know that the party really has started! And if your venue does allow small indoor firework effects, we can couple our dry ice with silver, sparkling fountains rising up out of the mist for a really magical surprise! 
We love to individually design each and every display that we fire to ensure a totally bespoke service for our clients. But we do appreciate that many potential clients want a package price, or simply a suggestion of a budget to start at, which is why we have created some packages consisting of our most popular effects at varying price points. 
Starting at just £1195, even our smallest display will blow you away with a range of top quality aerial shells, coupled with dazzling multi shot candles and barrages that will create beautiful effects from ground level right the way up to the stars! 
Our packages are most certainly not set in stone, and we can create a bespoke display to suit any budget from £1195 upwards, meaning the sky really is the limit! Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, or to book any of our packages. (Detailed listings of package contents are available upon request). 
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