About us 
our company was born from a passion for pyrotechnics and a love of the artistry behind fireworks displays... 
About us 
our company was born from a passion for pyrotechnics and a love of the artistry behind fireworks displays... 
Using the sky as our canvas, fire as our palette, and a handful of whistles, screeches, pops and bangs as our soundtrack, all of our team are true firework enthusiasts, who love nothing more than to thrill and entertain an audience, whilst keeping the safety of all at the forefront of their minds.  
We have a combined knowledge of over 30 years in the firework trade, and during this time we have worked at a vast range of venues, from farmers fields to stately homes, beaches to car showrooms, on the rooftops of buildings and barges on the water, through sun, rain, and even snow!  
Our teams have performed a large number of displays for all occasions, from the smallest of displays right up to huge budget pyromusicals, using the finest quality materials from around the world.  
We feel that we are an extremely efficient fireworks display company, and we love a challenge, so if you feel that you have a tricky problem, such as totally surprising someone with a spectacular display, just ask us, and we may just have the solution! 
BRONZE PACKAGE - £1195 fully inclusive*  
Although this is our entry level package, it still packs a mighty punch! Using the same size and high quality fireworks as seen in our much larger displays, this will leave you under no illusion that fireworks were a fantastic choice of entertainment! 
This package will entertain you with a variety of aerial shells, professional grade barrages and volleys of roman candle bundles, all topped off with a beautiful golden brocade and silver strobe finale. 
With a recommended duration of five minutes, this is a top quality firework display with a super low price tag! (This package is only available at venues within a 30 mile radius of the CO9 postcode). 
SILVER PACKAGE - £1595 fully inclusive*  
The next stage up in our range of fantastic packages, this dynamic fireworks display starts with a large eruption of gold mines and shells, moving straight into a flurry of fiery crossette effects, through to beautiful strobe and crackling effects. 
All the while being topped off with stunning display shells. Finishing with a larger version of our signature golden brocade and silver strobe finale , you’ll be left with a sky full of slow falling gold glitter and twinkling silver stars to end the day - simply magic! 
At the suggested duration of approximately six minutes long, this display is sure to end your event in style! 
RUBY PACKAGE - £1995 fully inclusive* 
The latest addition to our line up of packages, our Ruby display builds on the intensity of the Silver Package, and fits nicely between its bigger brother - the Gold Package - adding more top quality display barrages and aerial shells, fired in multiples to create a real sky full of stars! 
The display builds to an amazing pre finale of glittering white strobe stars and gold comets firing in all directions, then we unleash the enormous golden brocade finale that we've become renowned for! Fired at the suggested duration of seven to eight minutes, this display is sure to close any celebration in style! 
GOLD PACKAGE - £2795 fully inclusive*  
One of our most popular choices for wedding day fireworks finales, the Gold package offers a true feast of colour and noise from the outset. With rapid paced sequences of maximum bore roman candles and multi shot barrages, all shot through with stunning display shells, the display builds up to a spectacular pre finale of multiple lifts of colourful aerial shells, filling the sky with fire and fury! 
We then finish with a super sized version of our classic brocade and silver strobe finale, featuring over 30 top class display shells, all fired together to bring the curtain down on this spectacular display. With ten minutes of non-stop firepower, we are sure that this package will wow even the most die-hard of firework fans! 
PLATINUM PACKAGE - £3795 fully inclusive*  
Our premium display package, and quite rightly, fit for a king, queen or any other dignitary of your choosing! This fantastic fireworks display opens with an almighty eruption of loud silver whistling mines to colour star shells, leading straight into a light-speed paced display of our largest premium display shells, multiple candle bundles firing in fanned formation wide angled across the display site, along with super large bore bombette candles and multi shot cake barrages, creating vast layers of noise and colour from ground level right the way up to the heavens!  
Culminating in a multi shot golden brocade sequence, leading to an impressive pre finale of over 50 colour and strobe display shells - up to 150mm calibre - which burst at heights of up to 600 feet! As if this isn’t enough, we then complete the show with a GIGANTIC version of our renowned brocade and strobe star finale. Featuring over 50 world class display shells, this really is the finale of all finales! 
With over 3,600 individual shots, bursts and effects, this is twelve minutes of spectacular pyrotechnics at their very best, a true showstopper to close any event! 
Don’t forget, as well as including a FREE display starter with every display we fire (if required), our firework displays aren't just limited to these packages - we can design a bespoke fireworks display to any budget you may have from £1195 upwards, either as a traditional display, or full scale pyromusical - (fireworks fully synchronised to music of your choice - prices start at £3,500) - so if you need any further advice at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
(*Travel is fully inclusive within a ~40 mile radius of the CO9 postcode, and on bookings of £3795 and above - up to 120 miles - please enquire for venues outside of this. On bookings below £3795 it is only charged on the additional milage above the first 40 miles, at the rate of £1.00 per mile). 
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